'No Economic Recovery Without Cities!' Civic Campaign

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At a time when a significant number of European countries are facing severe economic problems, the civic initiative 'No Economic Recovery Without Cities', developed under the spirit of the United Nations "World Urban Campaign" (
http://www.unhabitat.org/categories.asp?catid=634 ), arrives as a challenge to artists, businessmen, researchers and professionals who 'work with cities', as well as institutions and communities, to think collectively about the significant role cities play in the social and economic development of Europe.
The first step of this 'civic challenge' was the creation of a Facebook Group (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=141669395860771&ref=ts ) meant to be the "meeting point" to share innovative experiences ('good practice') in different aspects of urban policy/ planning under the following thematic issues: (1)Urban Space, (2) Arts & Culture, (3) Mobility, (4) Environment & Green Spaces, (5) Climate Change, (6) Ageeing.
The goal of the Group is to inspire other experiences, deepen the dialogues between diverse communities and stimulate collective learning in order to ensure that the role and dynamic nature of cities in Europe have a visible and positive impact on the social and territorial cohesion, civic empowerment and economic recovery of all European nations.
Join the Project today and send your civic contribution!
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'No Economic Recovery Without Cities!' Civic Campaign

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