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'This initiative is a very laudable one and is precisely the type of initiative that the World Urban Campaign should be all about in terms of outreach and communications'

Nicholas You, former coordinator UN-Habitat, Chief of Best Practices and Policies at UN-Habitat & Partner of ‘World Urban Campaign

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'No Economic Recovery Without Cities!' Partners

This initiative arrives as a challenge to artists, businessmen, researchers and professionals who ‘work with cities’, as well as institutions and communities, to think collectively about the significant role cities can play in 'economic recovery'.
Although it's special (civic) nature, we think that this initiative can be an important sign to governments and regional/local administrations and a (unique) global 'collective learning' process.

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Want to be a champion of this initiative in your city/country? Please send an email to noeconomicrecovery@gmail.com.

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[global idea] Organize debates in different (small, medium & metropolitan) cities around the world about ‘THE ROLE OF CITIES IN THE ECONOMIC RECOVERY!’;


[each city/municipality or community]

  1. Promote a collaborative set of debates involving artists, businessmen, professionals who ‘work with cities’ and citizens about ‘the role of my city in the economic recovery’, to discuss and understand key structural problems, identify key urban potentials and share innovative experiences in different aspects: (1) Urban Space, (2) Arts & Culture, (3) Mobility, (4) Environment & Green Spaces, (5) Climate Change, (6) Ageing;
  2. Produce (in the end these debates) a ‘LOCAL AGENDA FOR ECONOMIC RECOVERY’ where the stakeholders should share ideas/proposals to face economic recovery;
  3. Create a site/blog where all the information should be available (contacts, initiatives developed, good practice, actions proposed).
  4. Share the developments and results with the ‘NO ECONOMIC RECOVERY WITHOUT CITIES!’ NETWORK (noeconomicrecovery@gmail.com);




  1. AVEIRO, PORTUGAL (November 2010)

Send your comments to noeconomicrecovery@gmail.com

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